SURPASS POWER PLUS CO., LTD. is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Engine Coil, with a factory in Taiwan. With years of experience in the line of making, we are known for our outstanding performance in the industry. We have helped ourselves as one of the leading brand in Taiwan. We constantly upgrade our products to meet the international standards. We hold a team of professionals, which provides on time deliveries with high quality. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us match our quality with international standards.


"To let all car owners who use igition coils experience the amazing of power rejuvenation and even more enahcement as well in the world."This is the goal we have been devoting to achieve for 20 years. Now we already gain the footing in the field of global ignition coil.We have ODM relationship with major brands, keep research and design, chellenge ourselves and then leapfrog its competitors.So all types of products could be thoroughly comprehended and can balance efficiency and life.

Surpass has already launched ignition coils that meet various types of car owners.
* General type ignition coil
- Restore the efficiency of the original ignition coil. Long and stable life cycle.
* Enhaced ignition coil (Specific car type)
- Better power ehance not only the joy of control but also energy saving.
* Racing type ignition coil (special customized type)
- Best choice for insane racing.

In the future, not only pursuing stronger and higher quality products but also keeping to expand coverage of various brands of car, it's the goal that we have been working.To let more car owners enojyed the whole new feelings through Surpass products, letting car effectively extended its life cycle. We also welcome partners from all over the world to join us and establish partnership.

Our sincerity and hard work have helped us to match the quality of our

Engine Coil

with international standards. According to the different kinds of manufacture demands, we offer perfect services to you.